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Psionic Powers Overview

Characters who are good candidates for having psionic powers include:

  • those who wish to be able to do cool things using just the power of their mind;
  • those who think it would be fun to be part of a powerful minority;
  • those who aren’t afraid to be antagonized by “normals” for having superior powers;
  • those who prefer to have a small set of powerful abilities instead of a wide range of less-powerful ones;
  • those who don’t necessarily depend on having large amounts of Wealth.

Below is a list of possible psionic power groups available to characters who possess the appropriate Gifts. Feel free to work with your GM to include other abilities or uses for these abilities as you see fit. Each entry contains the following information:

Name: the name of the psionic discipline.

Key Attribute: the secondary attribute (Dexterity, Strength, Focus, Spirit, Presence, or Status) used to determine a character’s skill with this group of powers.

Description: basic description of the power, including examples of its applications.

Degrees of Success: general description about how powerful an ability is with various ladder results.

Example Gifts/Faults: examples of Gifts or Faults that may be applied to powers to increase their effectiveness or help buy off their cost at character creation.