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Key Attributes: Focus

Photokinesis is the ability to manipulate light using the power of one’s mind. This ability seems singularly focused at first, but when one takes a moment to consider its applications it can prove to be quite powerful indeed.

Photokinetics possess the power to bend light around themselves or other objects, effectively making them invisible, or produce blasts of concentrated light so intense as to cause damage to their target (laser beams). They can control how they perceive the available light in a room, effectively giving them “night vision” or simply increase (or decrease) the ambient light in a room to affect how everything is seen.

Photokinetics are often masters of stealth, especially when paired with sonarkinesis (see). A character that possesses both of these abilities could quite literally make himself imperceptible to both sight and sound, leaving him vulnerable only to the senses of smell and touch (and, of course, taste).

Because of the versatility of this power, you may need to work with your GM to find out just what abilities are applicable with a given check result. Below are examples:

  • Abysmal (-3): Your attempt fails and you take one Very Hurt wound of physical damage.
  • Poor (-2): Your attempt fails and you take one Hurt wound of physical damage.
  • Mediocre (-1): Your attempt fails; if you are trying to simply increase or decrease lighting condi- tions, you may raise or lower the lighting condition by a faint amount (the illumination of a match, for example) .
  • Fair (0): You may increase the light in an area by an amount equal to a flashlight; you can dim the light in a room slightly (60 watt bulbs appear as 40 watt); you can see 50% better in dark conditions.
  • Good (+1): You can increase the light in an area as if lighting a 60 watt bulb; you can decrease the light from 100 watts to 40 watts; you can see 100% better in darkness.
  • Great (+2): You can create light as a 120 watt floodlight; completely darken a 100 watt bulb, or see 200% better in darkness.
  • Superb (+3): You can create light equal to an outdoor floodlight or bright street lamp, completely dim an equal amount of light, see clearly in near-total darkness, or turn yourself invisible.
  • Wonderful (+4): You can create light equal to a light house, dim an equal amount, or make up to three nearby targets (including yourself) invisible.
  • Phenomenal (+5): As a Wonderful result, except you can make up to ten nearby targets (includ- ing yourself) invisible.
  • Extraordinary (+6): As a Phenomenal result, except you can make everything in a 30 foot radius invisible.
  • Astonishing (+7): You can create light as bright as the sun, (you choose whether or not there is a focal point that is dangerous to look at) completely darken an area 150 feet in diameter, or make everything in a 60 foot radius invisible.

Photokinesis can be used to generate a projectile attack in the form of concentrated beams of intense light, otherwise known as laser beams. As with other psionic attacks, use your degree of success as an Offensive Damage Factor when using photokinesis in this way.

Invisibility is a powerful tool in any character’s arsenal. Characters must achieve a Superb result or better to make themselves (or others) invisible and must spend their action each round focusing on this ability to maintain it. Therefore, a character attacking another creature in combat must allow himself to become visible during the round in which he makes an attack, and must spend his action (and roll another check) next round if he wishes to try to become invisible again.

Maintaining ambient light in a room does not require the focused attention of the character. However, lighting conditions will return to normal after about 1 minute per degree of success.