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Key Attribute: Focus or Spirit

Antipsi is a discipline used to still the mind against psionic attacks or nullify existing psionic effects. Antipsi is most often used in reaction to mental attack, to block a telepath from reading one’s thoughts or a “puppeteer” from controlling them. Antipsi can also be used to suppress active psionic effects of all kinds, either temporarily or permanently, depending on the relative degree of success.

When using antipsi to resist a psionic attack, you may activate this power to attempt to suppress or negate the attack. Activating the power in this way requires no time on your part; it is a “free” action. If the attempt fails, your other defenses kick in and you may choose to defend against the attack normally. In essence, by attaining this power you give yourself another line of defense against psionic attacks.

When using antipsi to suppress or nullify an effect, the degree by which you surpass your opponent’s check result determines the length of time you may choose to suppress the effect.

  • Abysmal (-3): You fail to suppress the effect and it is treated as being of one level higher against you (i.e., a Good result is treated as Great against you).
  • Poor (-2) to Fair (0): You are unable to suppress the effect.
  • Good (+1): You may suppress the effect for up to 1 minute.
  • Great (+2): You may suppress the effect for up to 10 minutes.
  • Superb (+3): You may suppress the effect for up to 1 hour.
  • Wonderful (+4): You may suppress the effect for up to 1 day.
  • Phenomenal (+5): As a Wonderful result, and the attacker takes 1 Hurt mental Wound.
  • Extraordinary (+6): You may suppress the effect as long as you choose or nullify the effect en- tirely.
  • Astonishing (+7): As an Extraordinary result and you shut down all of the attacker’s psionic abilities for 1 minute.

For example, Jillian attempts to suppress the mental control a puppeteer has over her colleague. She rolls a Focus check to activate her antipsi ability and the GM rolls an opposed check for the puppeteer’s mind control power.

If Jillian fails to beat the puppeteer’s result, she is unsuccessful at suppressing the mental control. However, if she is successful, she can suppress the effect for an amount of time as noted above. Note that the puppeteer’s mind control effect may have a limited duration of its own (see mind control).

To negate all of one character’s psionic abilities (which requires an Astonishing result) a character must be able to see the target. Using the example above, Jillian would not be able to suppress all of the puppeteer’s powers if she was targeting her ally with antipsi if she could not see him. Jillian could, however, negate any other psionic power affecting her ally that originated from the puppeteer, such as modify memory.

Example Fault: Psi Static: The character automatically attempts to suppress all psionic effects with- in Poor range of herself. Psionic effects activated within Poor range of the character must succeed at an opposed check or fail to activate properly. This ability may not be suppressed. (This is considered a Fault because it can suppress both positive and negative psionic effects and the character cannot control its use.)