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Psionics and Magic

There are two different methods of generating supernatural effects in Psi-punk: psionics and magic. The term “psionics” relates to the ability to control, manipulate, sense, and otherwise “do really neat tricks” with your mind. Magic is a term given to electronic devices which can manipulate energy to produce similar effects to those of psionics, albeit with less spectacular and sometimes less dependable results.

Characters that choose to become gifted psionics must do so at character creation; psionics represent an innate talent that cannot be learned. Conversely, characters that use magic devices may purchase them at any time, provided they can find someone to sell them the proper equipment. It is possible, though rarely wise, to use magic devices without training; these devices are unstable and, in the hands of a novice, prone to severe backfire.

Because magic devices attempt to duplicate phenomena produced by psionics, their use by someone who is psychically adept is exceedingly dangerous. Test results have found that there is a large amount of psychic interference when a mental attempts to use a magic device, which in ninety percent of test cases has caused the device to malfunction. Resulting side effects include injury, severe bleeding, brain damage and, in at least a few cases, death.


The use of psionic powers and magic devices in public is restricted by law. While it is okay for psionicists to use their abilities, they must exercise these rights with caution; no person may use psionics or magic in a way that would adversely affect his environment, harm another living creature, or damage property.

Many psionic powers are treated as weapons because they can produce dangerous and harmful effects. Characters must have a Rank skill to use harmful psionic powers in public. Generally speaking, the higher the Rank, the higher degree of success you can attain without provoking law enforcement. For example, if you have a military Rank of Great (+2) you can use pyrokinesis to create a Great effect without risk of repercussion.

Non-harmful psionic effects, such as ESP, may be used freely in public without the threat of the law. Certain people still may not appreciate the use of these powers and are often forcefully vocal about their disdain.