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Trade-Offs in Psi-punk


A player may gain extra trait levels and Gifts by taking GM-approved Faults at the following rate:

Table: Fault Trade-offs

Fault =         Gained

1 Fault


1 Gift

1 Fault


5 Build Points


However, the GM may rule that a particular Fault is not serious enough to be worth five Build Points, but may be worth three or four Build Points. On the other hand, severe Faults may be worth more Build Points.

During character creation, Build Points may be traded (in either direction) at the following rate:

Table: Build Point Trade-offs





-5 BP


+1 Gift

-1 Gift


+5 BP

-1 to a Secondary Attribute


+10 Build Points


GMs reserve the right to limit the number of levels traded in either direction.


Section 15: Copyright Notice

Psi-punk Copyright 2012, Accessible Games; Author Jacob Wood