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Starting Wealth

Starting Wealth

See Wealth for more information about how Wealth is handled in Psi-punk.

Every character begins play with the ability to purchase a certain amount of equipment. Unless they have Gifts or Faults that change their starting Wealth, beginning characters have a Wealth Value of Superb [48].

Wealth-Specific Gifts and Faults

The following Gifts and Faults apply specifically to Wealth. Feel free to rename these Gifts to apply whatever flavor you wish to your character. Mechanically, they are designed to simply improve or reduce a character’s starting Wealth Value.


Debutante/Heir: You are the heir to a great fortune and have lived the high life since the day you were born. You start with an additional 32 Wealth, for a total Wealth Value of Wonderful [80]. This requires characters to spend two Gifts.

Loaded: You have Wealth to spare, or at least the above-average means to acquire expensive goods. Your Wealth Value at character creation increases by 16, to a total of Wonderful [64] for the cost of one Gift.


Broke: You always seem to be short on cash. You start play with 16 less Wealth, or a total Wealth Val- ue of Superb[32].

Destitute: You’ve spent the majority of your life’s savings and have nothing to show for it. You start play with 32 less Wealth for a total of only Great [16]. This counts as two Faults.


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