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Psi-punk Character Questionnaire

The character questionnaire is an optional, but very useful character creation tool. By filling out these questions about your characters, you will gain a better understanding of who they are, where they came from, where they are going, and what makes them particularly special. Players should be en- couraged to respond to as few or as many of these questions as they would like, but to try and consider each of them.

This is not meant to be a definitive list of all of the questions that can or should be asked. As usual, feel free to add, subtract, or modify the questionnaire as you see fit.



  1. What is the character’s true name?
  2. What is the character’s present occupation or role?
  3. Character’s physical description: ethnicity, gender, age, height, weight, hair color, hair style, eye color.
  4. What are the character’s distinguishing features?
  5. Does the character have any strong affinities, emotional hang-ups, mental health issues, etc.?
  6. What was the character’s place of birth? 6a. What is the character’s true origin?
  7. What is the character’s origin as he/she knows it (if different)?
  8. Does the character have any formal (or informal) education/vocational training?
  9. Does the character have any (legitimate) work experience? What was his/her reaction to the job(s)?
  10. Who is the character’s best friend?
  11. Who are the character’s primary contacts, patrons, or enemies (and why)?Does the character have any family?
  12. If so, what are their occupations, statuses, locations, current relationships with the character?
  13. What are the character’s strongest and weakest traits?
  14. How does the character see him/herself?
    How is the character seen by others?
  15. What is the character’s basic nature?
  16. Does the character have a sense of humor (if so, what kind)?
  17. What are the character’s ambition(s)?
  18. What is the character’s philosophy of life?
  19. Does the character have any hobbies? If so, what are they?
  20. What kinds of art, music, and recreation does the character prefer?
  21. What is the significance, if any, of the character’s working clothes (style, insignia, colors, etc.)?
  22. What are the character’s favorite past-times?
  23. What’s the character’s home environment like (physical living condition, economic level, etc.)?
  24. What is the most important fact that should be known about this character?
  25. How would you characterize this person in one sentence?
  26. What unique talents or equipment does this character have?
  27. What makes this character different from others?
  28. Why do you like or hate this character and why are you willing to play him/her?
  29. Why will others like or hate them?
  30. Why will this character be memorable?
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