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Faults in Psi-punk

Faults are anything that makes life more difficult for a character. They come in two varieties. Pri- mary Faults restrict a character’s actions or earn him a bad reaction from chance-met NPCs. Various attitudes, neuroses and phobias are Faults; so are physical disabilities and social stigmas. There are heroic Faults, too: a code of honor and inability to tell a lie restrict your actions significantly, but are not signs of flawed personality.

Like Gifts, Faults rarely require a role to activate and apply in any situation where it makes sense for them to be active. They may grant penalties on certain checks (“easily frightened” may include a -2 penalty to Mind checks to avoid being frightened) or might cause some issues during gameplay, such as when a character with a Code of Honor is forced in to a situation in which he must make a morally ambiguous decision.

Faults are used to “trade off” trait levels; by taking Faults, characters may gain additional levels to spend on Gifts, skills, or attributes.

No character may have more than 4 Faults (see Trade-Offs). Be careful not to select two Faults which may have similar effects. For example, “Absent-Minded” and “Easily Distractible” are very similar and therefore should not both appear on a single character sheet.


Example Faults

Absent-Minded; Addiction; Ambitious; Amorous heartbreaker; Bloodlust; Blunt and tactless; Bravery indistinguishable from foolhardiness; Brazen, Can’t resist having the last word; Code of Ethics limits actions; Code of Honor; Compulsive Behavior; Coward; Curious; Finicky; Easily Distractible; Enemy; Fanatic patriot; Full of bluff and bluster and machismo; Garrulous; Getting old; Glutton; Goes Ber- serk if Wounded; Gossip; Greedy; Gullible; Humanitarian (helps the needy for no pay); Idealist – not grounded in reality; Indecisive; Intolerant; Jealous of anyone getting more attention; Lazy; Loyal to Companions; Manic-Depressive; Melancholy; Multiple Personality; Must obey senior officers; Nosy; Obsession; Outlaw; Overconfident; Owes favors; Phobias; Practical Joker; Quick-Tempered; Quixotic; Self-defense Pacifist; Socially awkward; Soft-hearted; Stubborn; Quick to take offense; Unlucky (-2 Luck Points); Vain; Violent when enraged; Vow; Worry Wart; Zealous behavior; etc.


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