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Choosing Powers and Cyberware

Choosing Psionics and Magic

See Psionics and Magic for more information.

Characters may spend 2 Gifts to gain a psionic ability or they may purchase magic devices with their Wealth. Further psionic abilities may be purchased by expending 2 Gifts, or by expending 1 Gift and taking 1 Fault. There is no limit to the number of psionic abilities a character may purchase, except as dictated by the campaign’s normal limitations on Gifts and Faults (2 free Gifts and 4 total Faults).

Each psionic ability and magic device has one or more key attributes used to determine which of the character’s attributes to add when using it For example, the mind control ability’s key attribute is Focus; when rolling any check to determine the outcome of using mind control you will roll 4dF and add your Focus attribute. It may be helpful to consider which abilities your character may want prior to settling on your final traits.


See Cyberware for more information.

One of the defining features of cyberpunk roleplaying is cybernetics: the melding of man and machine. Characters can enhance their bodies with supernatural abilities by having cybernetic implants or even whole-limb replacements. By doing so, they give up a little slice of their own humanity in exchange for great amounts of power.

Cybernetics, their implementation, and their implications in the setting will be discussed in later chapters. For the purposes of character creation, treat any cybernetic enhancement to one’s character as one or more Gifts, depending on its relative power and usefulness. Some example cyberware are outlined in Equipment to give you an idea of what abilities can exist in the world and their suggested cost in Gifts.


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