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Psi-Punk Character Creation

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This chapter contains all the information you’ll need to create characters, including character traits and trait levels, and some different ways to allocate them.

Game Masters and players are encouraged to spend some time discussing their character’s concept, abilities, and background so that the GM may be able to integrate the character into his world and story. It is a good idea to plan at least one game session in which all of the players and the GM come together for the sole purpose of discussing character and world creation.

Sometimes, a GM may already have a story in mind and it is beneficial that the characters know the basic premise before launching into character creation. For example, if the GM envisions a plot filled with political intrigue and corporate espionage, a heavy weapons expert with no diplomacy or tact may not fare very well, while a stealthy spy or diplomat character will see a lot of use from his skills.

Likewise, players may wish to communicate with each other and build a character that will fit in with and compliment the larger team. It is beneficial to have a well-rounded group of characters who can play to each other’s strengths and cover each other’s weaknesses. For example, a medic may be a helpful addition to any team, but having three of them could mean that the group is sacrificing something important—like a weapon’s expert, a diplomat, or a sneaky infiltration expert. By building characters who fit a team dynamic, the game will play more smoothly.



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