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Sometimes a non-player character has a set reaction to the PCs. Perhaps she’s automatically their enemy or perhaps the heroes have rescued her and earned her gratitude. But there will be many NPCs that don’t have a set reaction.

When the PCs request information or aid, it might go smoothly or it might not go well at all. Negotia- tion with a stranger is always an unknown quantity to the players — it may be so for the GM, too.

When in doubt, the GM should secretly make a Repute roll.

The Repute roll can be modified up or down by circumstances: bribes, the NPC’s suspicious or friendly nature, proximity of the NPC’s boss, observed PC behavior, and so on. Here are some guidelines:

The higher the Repute rolled degree, the better the reaction. On a Fair result, for example, the NPC will be mildly helpful, but only if it’s not too much effort. She won’t be helpful at all on Mediocre or worse results, but will react well on a Good result or better.


Table: Repute Modifiers





The target benefits


The target is friendly to the PC—a close friend or relative, or a listed contact


The target is unfriendly to the PC—a total stranger, or a char- acter the PC has offended


The target is hostile to the PC— actively opposing his goals or a sworn enemy


The target is placed in danger

-1 to -3 The item being asked for is valuable (-1 to

-3, depending

on value)



The PC has a rank skill with the same organization as the NPC (+1 (if equal to or lower than the NPC’s rank) or +1 per rank above the NPC’s rank)



The PC has a rank skill with an organization the NPC opposes

-1 per rank


The PC successfully bribes the NPC



The PC attempts to bribe the NPC but fails (doesn’t offer enough, offends the NPC, etc.)



The PC has some outward or known quality that the NPC ad- mires (Fame, Infamy, etc.)



The PC has some outward or known quality that the NPC hates (Cowardly, Slovenly, etc.)


+1 to +3 The PC offers a favor in return

+1 to +3 depending on the favor




Repute rolls are used only when dealing with NPCs (whether by players or other NPCs). A Repute roll is never used against the players to force them to perform actions against their will (after all, that’s what mind control is for!)

Characters who possess fame, reputation, or similar skills may add their level in that skill to this check, unless they are famous or renowned for something the NPC dislikes, in which case they subtract their level instead.

For example, Sven is a world-renowned weightlifter and has a Superb reputation skill for having won the Mister Galaxy contest. One NPC may admire him for this and the GM would add +1 to the Repute check, while another NPC might think Sven is just a dumb meathead and subtract -1 instead.

The Repute check is always Unopposed with a difficulty of Fair. Using modifiers and the degree of success guidelines as outlined above will help you to determine the outcome of the check and the attitude of the NPC.