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Combat Terms


Combat Terms

Combat Round (Round): Anindeterminate length of time set by the GM. Because it is simple to split one minute in to 10 “rounds” of 6 seconds that is the assumed length for any given combat round. The length of time can be altered by a GM to suit his needs, but generally when each character involved has made an action, a given round is over.

Defensive Damage Factors (DDFs): Those traits, attributes, gifts, faults, etc. which contribute to reducing the severity of a received blow, including armor, and any applicable attributes (such as body versus physical attacks or mind versus mental attacks).

Initiative: The order in which characters act in a given combat round.

Maximum Effective Range: The furthest distance at which a given attack is capable of striking a target and dealing damage.

Melee: Any combat that involves striking the opponent with a fist or hand-held weapon.

Minimum Required to Hit: The lowest result one needs to achieve on an attack roll in order to successfully strike a target, regardless of the target’s DDFs.

Offensive Damage Factors (ODFs): Those traits, attributes, Gifts, Faults, etc. which contribute to damaging an opponent, including a character’s skill with a weapon, the weapon’s damage bonus, etc.

Damage: The attacker’s offensive damage factors minus the defender’s defensive damage factors.

Wound Level: A term used to describe the severity of the wound a character has taken. For example, “one Hurt physical wound,” or “two Scratched mental wounds.”