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Hacking Computers the Psionic Way—Psi-jacking

“Psi-jacking” is the act of using electrokinesis to override a computer’s security systems and gaining access or control over them. Psi-jacking works almost identically to cracking; you make separate checks for each of the same things, and failure results are almost identical. There are, however, a few key exceptions.

To psi-jack, you must possess the electrokinesis psionic ability (see Psionics and Magic for more information) or a magic device which produces the same effect. Instead of making Technical skill checks, you would make a Focus check to activate the psionic power, both to access and to reprogram the system.


Failure results, however, are a little different. In most cases a system will try to react identically, but failing an attempt with the electrokinesis power can also cause damage to the system. See the description for electrokinesis to determine how much damage is dealt to a system for different degrees of failure.

Note that devices, like people, have their own wound tracks and malfunction when they become Very Hurt or Incapacitated. Incapacitated devices may not be able to send signals back to their respective mainframes, but it also means they cease functioning entirely (which may, as per usual, have catastrophic consequences to the user).

Finally, psi-jacking attempts are susceptible to additional security measures with the single purpose of thwarting psionic intruders. These measures, collectively known as Antipsi Tech, are considered equipment and are discussed in Equipment.