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Adventure Seed Generator

Use the following collection of tables to help spur some creativity when crafting an adventure.


  1. Place your finger on the center cell of the “”Employer”” section (highlighted in grey for convenience).
  2. Roll 2dF. Move your finger Left for each – result, Right for each + result, and leave it still for each Blank result.
  3. Roll 2dF. Move your finger Down for each – result, Up for each + result, and leave it still for each Blank result.
  4. Record the selection.
  5. Repeat steps 1 through 4, each time moving to the next table until you have made a selection from each chart.

The sum of all of your results is the adventure seed. Fill in the details with your own ideas to get the adventure starter.


Step 1: Place finger on “”Gang.”” Step 2: Roll 2dF. Result: +, Blank. Move finger Right one space.

Step 3: Roll 2dF. Result: -, Blank. Move finger Down one space.

Step 4: Record Mercenary Corps as the Employer.

Step 5: On the Action chart, place finger on Locate. Roll 2dF. Result: +, -. Move finger one space Right and one space Left (finger moves back to Locate.) Roll 2dF again. Result: -, -. Finger moves down twice, landing on Negotiate With. Record that result.

Repeat Step 5 until you have made a selection on all of the tables and recorded the results for each.

Step 6. Put them all together:

Employer: Mercenary Corp

Action: Negotiate With

Target: Criminal

Opposition: Police Opposition’s Strength/Powers: Control

Animate Complication: Betrayal

Location: Astral Plane

Fill it all in: A mercenary corps has hired the players to negotiate with a criminal who is hiding out on the Astral Plane. He’s a powerful criminal, and if they can get him to side with them they would have a Super ally. However, the police are hot on his trail, and it is suspected that one of the mercs is leaking information to them (Betrayal) regarding the job. To make things worse, the police have assigned a changeling (Control Animate) to the operation and it will be difficult to tell the actual target apart from the shape-shifted cop.

Adventure Tables


Magicorp Chip Stop Law Firm Research Facility Macroware Street Doc Small Business Corporation Dealer Shady Figure Street Banker Fixer Gang Crime Lord Ghost Cartel

Police Military Your Government Mercenary Corps Rich Businessman

Security Agency Food Smugglers Rival Government Former Ally Celebrity

Action Create Decrypt Erase Download Encrypt

Rescue Attack Defend Control Escort

Observe Conceal Locate Retrieve Deliver Counteract Assist Discuss Investigate Change Testify Against Trade With Negotiate With Blackmail Modify Memory


Corporate Exec Gang Boss Rich Businessman Celebrity Foreign Leader Crime Lord Criminal Corporate Citizen Government Agent Rebels

Vehicle Information Equipment Rare Materials Magic Devices Data Center Shipment Package Dosier Classified Docs

Satellite Computer Network Government Network Classified Docs Real Food


Psi-hunter Street Banker Gang Mad Scientist Soul Jacker Wraith Thief Hacker Spy Ghost

Lunatic Terrorists Military The Mob Rebels

Vigilante Corporation Police Government Lunatic

Foreign Power Bounty Hunter Corporate Hitmen Assassin Astral Being Opposition’s Strengths/Powers

Photokinesis Pyrokinesis Telekinesis Cryokinesis Elecctrokinesis

Technology Wealth Reputation Influence Astral Defense ESP Cyberware Sonarkinesis Magic Knows Secrets

Antipsi Technology Weapons Knowledge Skills Cyber Defense Mind Control Telepathy Control Animate Control Inanimate Psychometry


Identity Checkpoint Travel Cyberware Glitches Theft Foreign Borders

Rivalry Mistaken Identity Double-cross Power Struggle In-fighting Tight Security Riots Politics Ambush Media Attention Betrayal Rivalry Red Herring Bureaucracy Explosion

Disaster Money Legal Trouble Psychicly Hidden Shapechanger


Military Base Outside of Town Landmark Bank The ‘Net

Mob Hideout Prison Downtown Research Facility Gang Territory

Strip Mall Warehouse Business District Corporate HQ The Docks

Airport Subway Ghetto Mansion Another City

Foreign Country Nightclub/Bar Museum Rooftop Astral Plane

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