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Fudge Dice Conversion

Psi-punk uses “Fudge Dice” for determining rolls and checks made in the game.

These are dice specifically designed for the FUDGE Roleplaying Engine and can be found online or at many Friendly Local Gaming Stores (FLGSs).

If you do not have a set of Fudge Dice, you can substitute them for four six-sided dice (4d6) which are commonly found in board games and used for a wide variety of other roleplaying games.

When rolling 4d6, simply use the following conversion chart to determine whether or not a roll was a + a 0 or a -.

For example, Aaron rolls 4d6 and gets the following result: 3, 6, 4, 1. By comparing his results to this chart, he notes the following:

3 = 0, 6 = +, 4 = 0, 1 = -. Adding it all up, Aaron’s overall result is 0.

Fudge Dice Conversion Chart

Rolled on d6Fudge Dice Equivalent
5 or 6+
3 or 4Blank
1 or 2

This is a simple way to convert Abysmal d6s into Astonishing Fudge Dice “on the fly.” + [blank] –

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