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Grenades in Psi-punk


Grenades deal damage to all creatures and objects in an area, making them devastating and highly restricted weapons. Use of lethal grenades of any kind is strictly prohibited within city limits, even by ranking officials, police officers, and military personnel. With that being said, they still see their fair share of use by criminals, mercenaries, and even covert military operatives when the timing is right and the surveillance limited.

Grenades come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and qualities, but for the sake of keeping things simple and fun we have taken the average of these weapons for game statistics. All grenades use the same Range and Blast Area traits, but their Damage, Rank, and Cost traits, as well as their Gifts and Faults, may vary.

Range: All grenades have a maximum range (as described on Table 4.8: Range Difficulty) of Good (“down a block”). This is the furthest a grenade may be thrown without the aid of some other device, such as a grenade launcher.

Blast Area: All grenades have a Fair (“across a hall”) Blast Area, as described on the same table. No grenade may ever have a Blast Area greater than Fair, but certain Faults may reduce its Blast Area.

Damage: Grenades have a default Damage value of Good and they deal this damage to all creatures and objects within their Blast Area.

Cost: The cost to purchase a set of 10 grenades is Good [8]. Certain Gifts and Faults may increase or decrease this trait. Damage may be raised at a Wealth cost of +1 Wealth Level per +1 Damage. For example, 10 grenades with Superb Damage would cost Superb [32] Wealth.

Rank: Grenades begin with a default Rank of Superb which may be increased and (much more rarely) decreased with Gifts and Faults. Regardless of the attacker’s Rank, lethal grenades (grenades which deal damage) may never be legally used within city limits.

Gifts: Gifts may be added to grenades to deal different kinds of damage, change their effect, or provide other benefits. Gifts always have an associated Wealth modifier and sometimes a Rank modifier.

Faults: Faults may be added to grenades to reduce their effectiveness as well as their Cost. Rarely, a

Fault may be used to reduce the grenade’s Rank requirement.

Below are the basic statistics for a grenade, for easy reference. Example Gifts and Faults follow.


Table: Grenades



Blast Area






Good [8]



Example Grenade Gifts

Antipsi: Designed to combat mentals, antipsi grenades deliver an EMP-like burst of energy that disrupts psychic fields. This effect can be instead of or in addition to dealing normal damage. Use the grenade’s Damage as its Power Rating when checking to suppress psionic effects within the grenade’s Blast Area. Wealth Modifier: None (if no damage dealt) or +1 Level per Power Rating

Cryogrenade: This grenade has been modified to deal cold damage in its Blast Area, rather than incendiary damage. A grenade of this type has the potential to freeze water and other objects, make surfaces icy, and so forth. Wealth Modifier: Fair [4]

Flash Grenade: This grenade has been modified to deliver a stunning flash of light. It deals no damage but has the potential to temporarily blind anyone within its Blast Area. When making an attack with a flash grenade, make an attack roll and add the grenade’s Damage trait to your ODFs as normal. Instead of the target making a Body check to reduce damage, they make a Body check (and do not add any bonuses from armor) to reduce the duration of their blindness. For every degree of success by which you beat your target, they are blinded for one round. Wealth Modifier: None

Inorganic Matter: These grenades use control inanimate magic to deal damage only to inanimate and inorganic objects within their Blast Area. Living creatures and organic matter are not affected, making them suitable for destroying property without directly injuring anyone (though shrapnel and other hazardous side-effects may still harm living creatures). Wealth Modifier: Good [+8]

Organic Matter: These grenades use control animate magic to deliver damage to only organic matter within their Blast Area. Inanimate and non-organic objects are not affected, making this the perfect grenade for killing humans and other living creatures without destroying nearby property. Wealth Modifier: Good [+8]

Shadow Grenade: Grenades altered by this Gift cause the light in an area to vanish, effectively creating a darkness effect. All light in the area is dimmed according to the grenade’s Power Rating as if the thrower had successfully used the photokinesis power to darken a room. The effect lasts for one minute per degree of success. Shadow grenades do not deal damage and instead treat their Damage trait as a Power Rating trait. Wealth Modifier: None


Example Grenade Faults

Dud: This grenade is just an empty casing; it does nothing but bounce upon impact. It is most often used as a decoy. This Fault cannot be combined with any other Gift or Fault. Wealth Modifier: Fair [-6].

Reduced Blast Area: Grenades with this Fault have a smaller Blast Area than normal. Reduce the Blast Area from Fair (“across the hall”) to Poor (“across the room”). Wealth Modifier: Mediocre [-2]