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Ranger Template

See Templates for a discussion of character class templates. This is a sample template the GM should customize to her own game, including adding or deleting attributes, gifts, skills, etc. The GM may allow a beginning character to be a ranger apprentice, rather than full ranger. An apprentice is one or two levels less than a full ranger in any given attribute or skill.

Ranger requirements

Attributes Dexterity: Good or better Intelligence: Fair or better Perception: Good or better Strength: Good or better


None mandatory. Recommended gifts include Animal Empathy, Absolute Direction, Combat Reflexes, Night Vision, other combat gifts.


A ranger should not be the type of person who dislikes being alone. Some rangers work for the authorities, which might imply a Duty and/or a Vow of Obedience.


Area Knowledge: Fair or better Bow: Good or better Climbing: Fair or better Mimic Animal Sounds: Fair or better Move Quietly: Good or better Riding: Fair or better Scouting: Fair or better (the skill of observing and remembering) Spear or Sword: Good or better Survival: Good or better Woods Lore: Good or better