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Science Fiction Characters

Captain Wallop of the Space Patrol

This character is from a cinematic Space Opera campaign, so the limits are high.

GM limits: Four attributes (four free levels); 50 free skill levels, with maximum of one Superb, three Greats, eight Goods; two free gifts; one free Supernormal power, subject to GM approval Attributes (Four free levels, six taken, balanced by fault):

Body: Good (1) Reason/Mechanical: Great (2) Perceive/React: Superb (3) Willpower: Fair (0) Skills (50 Free levels, 56 taken, balanced by fault) Acrobatics: Good (3) Acting/Disguise: Great (4) Barroom Savvy: Good (3) Blaster: Superb (5) Computer Operation: Fair (2) Diplomacy: Good (3) Electronics: Good (3) Familiarity with Major Planetary Systems: Good (3) Gunnery: Great (4) Haggle: Fair (2) Hard Sciences: Fair (2) Mimicry: Mediocre (1) Navigation: Good (3) Pick Up Languages: Fair (2) Piloting: Great (4) Repair Scoutship Systems: Good (3) Stealth: Great (4) Unarmed Combat: Fair (2) Zero-G Maneuvering: Good (3)

Gifts (Two free gifts, four taken, balanced by faults)

Handsome; Reputation as Hero; Never disoriented in zero Gravity; Rank of Captain in the Space Patrol Supernormal Powers (One free Supernormal power, one taken) Able to key in on one mind up to a mile (1.5 km) away and follow the trail on Good Situational roll or better every 15 minutes.


Amorous heartbreaker love ’em and leave ’em; Bravery indistinguishable from foolhardiness; Fanatic patriot; Must obey senior officers in the Space Patrol

Seihook Alien from Aldebaran

The erlesti are a non-humanoid race from the star system Aldebaran. An erlest resembles a collection of animated twine and moss-covered rock. It digests the moss through its “skin” but to a human observer, the moss appears to be digesting the erlest. Erlesti can also use the “twine” pieces as straws to drink fluids alcohol affects them as it does humans. While erlesti have nothing resembling hands, they have strong psi powers that enable them to manipulate their environment and even travel space.

Erlesti are friendly with humanity “interesting auras,” they say, “always interesting.” In general, they are bewildered by red tape, dislike war, value their families above all things, and like comfort, but don’t seek extreme wealth.

Their Damage Capacity is determined by their Size attribute (their small size and increased density balance out to the same Scale as humans); Perception is determined by Empathy Skill, which they say extends to inanimate objects, and refuse to use any other word to describe the ability. Psi attributes rate raw strength; psi skills fine manipulation of that strength. Erlesti are hermaphroditic (they exchange “twine” with each other to procreate), so Seihook is both male and female.

GM limits: Eight attributes (five free levels); 40 free skill levels, with maximum of one Superb, three Greats; two free gifts; Supernormal Powers count as attributes no extra cost.

Attributes (Five free levels, seven taken, balanced by fault):

Empathy Power: Fair (0) Levitation Power: Good (1) Reasoning: Great (2) Reaction: Fair (0) Size: Good (1) (size of 4-year old human) Telekinesis Power: Great (2) Telepathy Power: Good (1) Will: Fair (0) Skills (40 Free levels, 40 taken) Bar Etiquette: Fair (2) Barter: Great (4) Empathy Skill: Great (4) Folklore: Fair (2) Hard Sciences: Mediocre (1) History: Fair (2) Knowledge of Alien (including Human) Customs: Good (3) Levitate Other: Fair (2) Levitate Self: Superb (5) Medical Skills: Good (3) Psychology: Great (4) Telekinesis Skill: Good (3) Telepathy, Dampen Thoughts: Poor (0) Read Thoughts: Fair (2) Project Thoughts: Good (3)

Gifts (Two free gifts, four taken, balanced by faults)

Can’t feel physical pain (no penalty for being Hurt or Very Hurt); Animals do his bidding in simple, nonthreatening matters on a Great Empathy Power roll or better; Tolerant of Appearances Never disgusted by any alien form; Wealthy (for an Erlest)


Practical Joker (for example, loves to “speak” in bad accents in thought projection); Gossip; Coward fears death

Screamer (Frederick Grant)

Occupation: Decker

Cyberpunk character by: Stephan Szabo

GM limits: Seven attributes (three free levels); 30 free skill levels, with maximum of one Superb, four Greats; two free gifts; Cybernetic enhancements count as gifts, not supernormal powers.

Attributes (Three free levels, five taken, balanced by fault):

Body: Good (1) Charisma: Poor (-2) Intelligence: Superb (3) Quickness: Good (1) Reaction: Great (2) Strength: Fair (0) Willpower: Fair (0)

Skills (30 Free levels, 30 taken) Computer Build/Repair: Great (4) Programming: Superb (5) Computer Theory: Great (4) Cycle: Fair (2) Electronics: Great (4) Firearms: Great (4) Matrix Etiquette: Good (3) Street Etiquette: Fair (2) Unarmed Combat: Fair (2)

Gifts (Two free gifts, six taken, balanced by faults)

Cybernetics, Datajack; Cybernetics, Can multitask cognitive processes; Cybernetics, Thermographic Vision; Cybernetics, Flash Compensation; Cybernetics, Telescopic Sight; Lucky


Bloodlust; Doesn’t care if he lives or dies; Manic/Depressive; Multiple Personality; Overconfident

Jard Melloch

Interstellar Gem Merchant

GM limits: Three Attributes, but the default for Psi is Poor (two free levels), 15 free skill levels, two free gifts, two faults required.

Attributes (Two free levels, one taken, traded for three skill levels):

Mind: Great (2) Body: Mediocre (-1) Psi: Poor (0) Skills (15 Free levels, 18 taken, balanced by low attributes) Merchant Skills: Great (4) Knowledge of Gem Trade: Good (3) Fellowship Skills: Good (3) Observation: Good (3) Bluffing: Fair (2) Xeno-Etiquette: Fair (2) Xeno-Archeology: Mediocre (1)

Gifts (Two free gifts, two taken)

Wealthy; Never Forgets a Face


(Two required, two taken) Code of Honor: honestly assess gem quality; Fat