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Modern Characters

Dolores Ramirez

Journalist, 1990s

GM limits: Ten attributes (five free levels); 50 free skill levels, with maximum of one Superb, four Greats; two free gifts; limited Psi available.

Note: The player forgot an important skill for Dolores, and one a journalist would logically have: Research.

This was noticed during a game, and the player petitioned the GM to add Research as an Uncommitted trait.

The GM agreed, and [Research: Good] was added to Dolores’ character sheet. Dolores already had one Superb and four Great skills, so this is the best she could start with it. This does not count against starting free levels Uncommitted traits are extra.

Attributes (Five free levels, seven taken, balanced by fault) Appearance: Good (1) Constitution: Good (1) Coolness: Good (1) Damage Capacity: Good (1) Dexterity: Fair (0) Intelligence: Great (2) Luck: Good (1) Sanity: Great (2) Strength: Poor (-2) Will: Fair (0) Skills (50 free levels, 56 taken, balanced by fault) Acrobatics: Fair (2) Acting: Great (4) Breaking & Entering: Good (3) Climbing: Fair (2) Computer Use: Good (3) Criminology: Mediocre (1) Disguise: Great (4) Driving: Good (3) Interviewing: Great (4) Karate (hard): Fair (3) Mexican Cuisine: Mediocre (1) Move Quietly: Good (3) Occultism: Good (3) Photography: Good (3) Pistol: Good (3) Shadowing: Great (4) Shady Contacts: Good (3) Swimming: Fair (2) Writing: Superb (5)

Gifts (Two free Gifts, four taken, balanced by faults)

Ambidextrous; Beautiful speaking voice; Danger Sense; Never forget a name


Overconfident; Ambitious; Stubborn; Vain

Sherman Foley

homeless person and scanner, modern day

GM limits: no specified attributes free levels = 1/2 of number of attributes taken; 50 free skill levels, with maximum of one Superb, four Greats; two free gifts; semilimited Psi

Note: Sherman’s player only chose four attributes when the GM gave free rein: Sherman has any unlisted attribute the GM considers essential at Fair.

Attributes (Four attributes selected: two free levels, two taken) Damage Capacity: Mediocre (-1) Health: Mediocre (-1) Perception: Great (2) Willpower: Great (2) Skills (50 free levels, 44 taken, six used to balance one gift) Area Knowledge inner city (easy): Great (3) Area Knowledge, Earth: Mediocre (1) Begging: Fair (2) Climbing: Terrible (-1) Drinking: Good (3) Driving: Terrible (-1) Forage: Good (3) Knife: Mediocre (1) Knowledge, Phobias (hard): Good (4) Meditation: Good (3) Sewing: Mediocre (1) Stealth/Urban: Fair (2) Street Gossip: Good (3) Survival/Urban: Great (4) Use Mind Control VH): Great (6) Use Telepathy (VH): Good (5) Use Telekinesis (VH): Good (5)

Gifts (Two free gifts, none taken)

Supernormal Powers (Three taken, balanced by faults,reduced gifts, and reduced skills) Mind Control; Telepath; Telekinetic


Use of Psi Requires Immobile Concentration; Materially Poor; Unlucky

Dragonfly (James Stoddard)

Secret Superhero

GM limits: Seven attributes (four free levels); 50 free skill levels, with maximum of two Superb, six Greats; two free gifts; four free Superpowers

Attributes (Four free levels, eight taken, balanced by faults) Damage Capacity: Fair (0) Dexterity: Great (2) Health: Good (1) Intelligence: Great (2) Intuition: Great (2) Speed: Good (1) Strength: Fair (0) Skills (50 free levels, 56 taken, balanced by fault) Acrobatics: Great (4) Acting: Good (3) Bureaucracy: Fair (2) Computer Use: Great (4) Control Superpower (Electron Flow) (VH): Superb (7) Control Superpower (Flight) (VH): Good (5) Criminology: Good (3) Disguise: Good (3) Dodge: Great (4) Driving: Good (3) Electronics Engineering Computers (hard): Great (5) Japanese Language: Great (4) Judo (hard): Great (5) Singing: Terrible (-1) Stealth: Superb (5)

Gifts (Two free gifts, three taken, balanced by a fault)

Perfect Timing; Good Looking; Tough Hide (-1 to damage) Supernormal Powers (Four free Superpowers, four taken) Control Inanimate Electronic Devices; Shrink to 100 (25 mm) for up to an hour, two times/day (Scale = -10); Fly, only while 100 (25 mm) high; Electrical Surge (Short-out Machines)


Ethically unable to use Powers to get out of massive debt; Quixotic always looking for wrongs to right; Phobia of animals bigger than a collie;Socially awkward (bit of a nerd)