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Miscellaneous Characters

Fan Yin Wong, Ghost

Fan Yin is from a campaign where all the PCs are ghosts with low karma levels. She must do a number of good deeds before she can risk being reborn again, but her ability to influence the material world is limited.

GM limits: Twelve attributes (six free levels); 25 free skill levels, with maximum one Superb, two Great; no free gifts, but six Supernormal Powers, with constraint on the number of uses per day; two personality faults required, do not count for trading purposes.

Note: the supernormal powers are described with “uses per day” and skill levels. The default skill level is Poor; it takes one gift to raise a supernormal power each level above Poor.

Attributes (Six free levels, four taken, balance taken as six skills) Appearance: Great (2) Charisma: Fair (0) Dexterity: Good (1) Fitness: Good (1) Mechanical Aptitude: Poor (-2) Mind: Fair (0) Perception: Superb (3) Reflexes: Good (1) Sanity: Mediocre (-1) Strength: Fair (0) Will: Fair (0) Wisdom: Mediocre (-1)

Skills (25 free levels, 31 taken, balanced by attribute levels) Accounting: Good (3) Animal Care: Fair (2) Area Knowledge (easy): Good (2) Athletics: Poor (0) Bargain: Good (3) Computer Use: Fair (2) Driving: Fair (2) Folklore: Fair (2) Knowledge of Detective Fiction: Great (4) Lying: Fair (2) Move Quietly: Mediocre (1) (vs. other spirits) Outdoor Skills: Mediocre (2) Sciences: Mediocre (1) Women’s Magazine Lore: Superb (5)

Gifts (No free gifts, two taken, balanced by faults)

“Green thumb” knack for making plants healthy (even as a ghost!); Single-minded +1 to any lengthy task

Supernormal Powers (Six free Supernormal Powers, five taken. One traded, plus two Faults taken, to raise these four levels)

Pass through Walls (6/day): Fair Screech (temporarily paralyze multiple living people) (3/day): Mediocre Affect Dreams (1/day): Poor Control Vermin (3/day): Poor Read Minds (4/day): Mediocre


Fear of spiders (even as a ghost); Worry Wart; Waffles can’t make decisions until forced to; Obsessed with regrets over missed opportunities

Cassandra Pine

Vampire Private Investigator Modern vampire

GM limits: Ten Attributes (five free levels), 60 free skill levels, with maximum of one Superb, four Greats, two free gifts, three free supernatural powers.

Attributes (Five free levels, Seven taken, balanced by fault) Appearance: Fair (0) Charisma: Fair (0) Dexterity: Great (2) Humanity: Mediocre (-1) Intelligence: Good (1) Perception & Alertness: Great (2) Stamina: Good (1) Strength: Fair (Scale 3) (0) Willpower: Good (1) Wits: Good (1)

Skills (60 free levels, 60 taken) Animal Handling: Mediocre (1) Area Knowledge home city (easy): Good (2) Athletics: Fair (2) Computer: Fair (2) Control Power: Mind Control (VH): Fair (4) Control Power: Psychometry (VH): Fair (4) Dodge: Good (3) Driving: Good (3) Electronic Security: Great (4) Firearms: Good (3) Intimidation: Good (3) Investigation: Superb (5) Knife: Fair (2) Language: Spanish: Mediocre (1) Law & Police Procedure (hard): Fair (3) Research: Great (4) Stealth: Good (3) Streetwise: Great (4) Subterfuge: Good (3) Tae Kwon Do (hard): Good (4)

Gifts (Two free gifts, two taken)

Contacts in police force; Night Vision Supernormal Powers (Three free Powers, eight taken, balanced by faults) Extraordinary Speed; Can change into Mist Form; Mind Control; Only immobilized by stake through heart; Psychometry; Regeneration; Scale 3 (unobservable); Can change into Wolf Form


Burns heal slowly; Low financial resources; Mind control needs eye contact; Must sleep most of the daylight hours; Violent when enraged Note: The following three faults count as two faults each:

Burned by Sun; Needs blood to live; Dangerous Secret she’s destroyed if it’s revealed

Chicory, Bunny

Chicory is a character in a game where rabbits are the norm, and humans are giant monsters. The scale is therefore relative to rabbits.

GM limits: Six attributes (three free levels); 40 free skill levels, with maximum one Superb, three Great; two gifts, one Supernormal Power

Attributes (Three free levels, seven taken, balanced by faults) Dexterity: Good (1) Health: Good (1) Perception: Superb (3) Smarts: Great (2) Speed: Good (1) Strength: Mediocre (-1)

Skills (40 free levels, 52 taken, balanced by faults) Acrobatics: Terrible (-1) Area Knowledge: Good (3) Detect Traps: Great (4) Fighting: Good (3) Gambling: Good (3) Herb Lore (hard): Superb (6) Knowledge of Burrow Construction: Good (3) Knowledge of Humans (VH): Fair (4) Knowledge of Non-Rabbit Behavior: Good (3) Language: Bug: (H) Fair (3) Common Bird (H): Good (4) Mouse/Rat (H): Great (5) Mechanical Skills: Terrible (-1) Mimic Non-Rabbit Sounds (H): Fair (3) Move Quietly: Fair (2) Spring Traps: Fair (2) Storytelling: Fair (2) Tracking: Great (4)

Gifts (Two free gifts + one Supernormal Power; four gifts taken, balanced by not taking a Power.)

Unafraid of Loud Noises (unlike most rabbits); Never Forgets a Scent; Strong Will; Night Vision


Nosy; Compulsive Gambler; Phobia: Canines; Jealous of Anyone Getting More Attention

Squeegee Fizzle, Cartoon Chimp

Squeegee is a time- and space-hopping chimpanzee in a universe without physical laws as we know them. Real loose rules on this one, folks! There is no death in cartoons: get your characters to a Heal-O-Ray machine and they’ll be fine.

GM limits: Three Supernormal Powers allowed, at least four faults required; otherwise: no limits take what you want, and we’ll talk about it

Attributes (no limit; seven levels taken, anything else at Fair) 3-D Agility: Good (1) Cheek: Great (2) Imagination: Superb (3) Nose: Good (1) Notices Things: Great (2) Patience: Poor (-2) Resistance to Alien Stuff: Good (1) Willpower: Mediocre (-1)

Skills (no limit, 37 taken) Acrobatics: Good (3) Area Knowledge of the Known Universe: Good (3) Fruit Lore: Superb (5) History: Mediocre (1) Language, Most Alien: Fair (2) Make Silly Noises: Superb (5) Make the Sound of One Hand Clapping: Fair (2) Mechanical Skills: Terrible (-1) Move Quietly: Great (4) Pilot Space Ship: Mediocre (1) Recall of TV SitCom Episodes: Superb (5) Tell Believable Whoppers: Fair (2) Throw Things: Good (3) Tooth-and-Nail Fighting: Good (3) Zap-O-Stun Gun: Great (4)

Gifts (no limit, lots taken)

Always keeps his cool. . .well, usually; Never Forgets a Banana; Acrobatics skill is Superb for Swinging; no penalty to other skills while Swinging; Doesn’t value Sanity highly Supernormal Powers Quadridextrous; Never lost in space; Can think of a Devastating Comeback (stuns opponent five rounds), on a Superb or better Cheek (attribute) die roll


Easily Distractible; Compulsive Liar; Will do anything for a banana; Enemy out to get him: Evil Scientist, Dr. Carnage

Chipaway Fiddlesticks

Gatesmasher Gnome from Saturn’s Rings

Attributes Awareness: Mediocre Constitution: Good Dexterity: Great

Id: Good

Reason: Good Strength: Fair (Scale -1) Secondary Attributes:

Magic Points: 37 Magical Effect: -3 Move: Good

Damage Capacity: Fair

Skills Area Knowledge (Saturn’s Rings): Good

Body Language: Fair Bureaucracy: Fair Computer Operation: Fair Diplomacy: Good

Fast-Talk: Great

Law (Commerce): Fair Lie: Fair Jury-Rigging: Mediocre Management: Fair Mathematics: Fair Navigation: Great

Pilot Freighter: Great

Pilot Shuttlecraft: Good

Sales: Superb Sleight of Hand: Fair Streetwise: Fair


Homeworld: Saturn’s Rings (Low Gravity, Tech +7, Wizardry +2) (no cost); Wealth; People Owe him Favors; Dexterity +1 (racial modifier)


Scale -1 (racial modifier); Practical joker (racial fault); Fascinated by shiny things (racial fault); Kleptomania (beyond even usual for a gnome); Ugly (even for a gnome); Soft-Hearted (especially towards children and puppies).

Supernatural Talents

Create Illusion; Invisibility; Levitation; Telepathy