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Historical Fiction Characters

Historical Fiction Characters

 Hakim al-Saari

Thief of Baghdad, 792 A.D.

GM limits: Four attributes (two free levels); 35 free skill levels, with maximum of one Superb, one Great; one free gift; no supernormal powers available.

Attributes (Two free levels, four taken, balanced by fault) Brawn: Mediocre (-1) Cunning: Good (1) Deftness: Superb (3) Ego: Good (1) Skills (35 free levels, 47 taken, balanced by two faults) Acrobatics: Good (3) Assess Merchandise: Good (3) Begging: Fair (2) Climbing: Good (3) Disguise: Fair (2) Dodge: Good (3) Knife: Mediocre (1) Knowledge of Baghdad: Good (3) Lockpicking: Good (3) Lying: Good (3) Pick Pockets: Good (3) Quote the Koran and Arab proverbs: Mediocre (1) Running: Fair (2) Servant: Mediocre (1) Stealth: Superb (5) Storytelling: Fair (2) Urban Survival: Great (4) Witty Insults: Good (3)

Gifts (One free gift, three taken, balanced by faults)

Healthy Constitution (+1 to Brawn to recover from illness); Keen senses (+1 to Cunning to notice something); Many people owe him favors


Can’t resist having the last word; Greedy; Many people would love to turn him in to the authorities; Soft-hearted toward children; Boasts openly of his thieving abilities

Arian o Gwent

Welsh Archer, 1190

A Norman conqueror murdered Arian’s family under the guise of a flag of truce. When Arian slew him in vengeance, she was outlawed from Wales. Escaping north, the embittered Arian is about to join Robin Hood’s outlaw Saxon band and introduce into England a new Welsh invention, the longbow. . . .

GM limits: Six attributes (four free levels); 30 free skill levels, with maximum of one Superb, two Great; two free gifts; no supernormal powers available; must take two faults: Outlaw & Loyal to Companions, which do not count as trading for other traits.

Attributes (Four free levels, four taken) Calmness: Mediocre (-1) Constitution: Fair (0) Dexterity: Great (2) Reasoning: Good (1) Senses: Great (2) Strength: Fair (0) Skills (30 free levels, 36 taken,balanced by one fault) Acrobatics: Good (3) Archery: Superb (5) Bowyer: Great (4) Climbing: Good (3) Disguise: Good (3) Dodge: Good (3) Fletcher: Good (3) Move Quietly: Great (4) Riding: Good (3) Tactics: Fair (2) Woodcraft: Good (3)

Gifts (Two free gifts, three taken, balanced by fault)

Literate in 1190, this is rare enough to be called a gift; Attractive; +3 Calmness while shooting a bow


Outlaw; Loyal to Companions; Speaks English with a strong Welsh accent; Despises Normans Fair Calmness roll to avoid acting rashly

Henri le Rouge

Musketeer of King Louis XIII, 1627

GM limits: since this is a cinematic campaign without magical or SF healing, the GM has set higher limits:

Nine attributes (eight free levels); 60 free skill levels, with maximum of two Superb, five Greats; three free gifts; no supernormal powers available Attributes (Eight free levels, twelve taken, balanced by faults) Charm: Great (2) Coolness: Superb (3) Damage Capacity: Great (2) Dexterity: Great (2) Health: Good (1) Perception: Fair (0) Strength: Fair (0) Will: Fair (0) Wit: Great (2) Skills (60 free levels, 72 taken, balanced by two faults) Acrobatics: Superb (5) Acting: Good (3) Boating: Terrible (-1) Brawling: Good (3) Carousing: Good (3) Climbing: Great (4) Disguise: Good (3) Dodge: Good (3) Engineer: Terrible (-1) Fencing: Superb (5) First Aid: Good (3) Flirting: Good (3) Knowledge of Europe: Mediocre (1) Knowledge of France: Good (3) Knowledge of Paris: Good (3) Knowledge of Planet: Mediocre (1) Lockpicking: Terrible (-1) Main Gauche: Great (4) Matchlock Musket: Good (3) Mechanic: Terrible (-1) Move Quietly: Good (3) Political Knowledge: Fair (2) Quick-Draw Sword (easy): Good (2) Oratory: Mediocre (1) Repartee: Great (4) Riding: Great (4) Savoir-Faire: Good (3) Shadowing: Fair (2) Swimming: Terrible (-1) Tactics: Good (3) Wheellock Pistol: Good (3)

Gifts (Three free gifts, five taken, balanced by faults)

Combat Reflexes; Handsome; Patron: Captain of Musketeers; Rapid Healing; Status: Gentleman


Code of Honor; Compulsive Carouser; Disgusted by Non-Gourmet Food; Extremely Loyal to Companions; Intolerant of Protestants; Thin-skinned quick to take offense

Scruffy Sanders

Stagecoach Driver,1870s, Western U.S.A.

GM limits: Five attributes (three free levels); 30 free skill levels, with maximum of one Superb, two Great; two free gifts; no supernormal powers available; minimum one fault that doesn’t count for trading. Scruffy traded his one Superb skill limit for two extra Greats, so he has four Great skills, and no Superb skills.

Attributes (Three free levels, three taken) Agility: Mediocre (-1) Health: Good (1) Perception: Good (1) Savvy: Great (2) Strength: Fair (0) Skills (35 free levels, 53 taken, balanced by three faults) Area Knowledge, Western States: Good (3) Bluffing: Great (4) Brawling: Fair (2) Concertina (Squeezebox): Good (3) Dodge: Good (3) First Aid: Good (3) Holds His Liquor: Good (3) Hunting: Good (3) Move Quietly: Good (3) Pistols: Fair (2) Riding: Good (3) Shotgun: Great (4) Singing: Good (3) Stagecoach Mechanic: Good (3) Tall Tales: Good (3) Teamster: Great (4) Witty Insults: Great (4)

Gifts (Two free gifts, two taken)

Never forgets a face; Sense of empathy; gets a feel for people


Garrulous; Addiction to disgusting habit: spitting chewing tobacco; Lazy would “rather talk than do;” Getting old, and all that implies. . . .