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Fantasy Characters

Brogo, Floranna, and Moose have some magic abilities, using the sample Fudge Magic system found in the Addenda.

Brogo is just a dabbler in magic, and Moose is only slightly better. Floranna is a full magician, however.

Brogo the Scout, Halfling

GM limits: Eight attributes (four free levels); 50 free skill levels, with maximum of one Superb, three Greats; two free gifts; magic available.

Note: spell-casting is equal to Coolness -2 in this game, with a maximum level of Fair no Spell-casting skill need be bought. Also, Magic Potential isn’t limited to a specific effect in this game: Brogo can try for any effect, except as limited by his fault. “Halfling” is defined under Brogo’s faults.

Attributes (Four free levels, ten levels taken,balanced by three faults) Coolness: Good (1) Damage Capacity: Good (1) Dexterity: Great (2) Empathy: Good (1) Health: Good (0) [Halfling Fair] Intelligence: Good (1) Perception: Superb (3) Strength: Good (1) [Scale -2]

Skills (50 free levels, 50 taken) Area Knowledge large area (easy): Good (2) Bow: Good (3) Climbing: Good (3) Elvish Language(hard): Mediocre (2) Evaluate Goods: Fair (2) Farming (easy): Fair (1) Fellowship: Great (4) Find Secret Passages: Terrible (-1) First Aid: Good (3) Haggle: Good (3) Interrogation: Terrible (-1) Knowledge of Old Tales: Fair (2) Lockpicking: Terrible (-1) Mimic Animal Noises (hard): Great (4) Move Quietly: Superb (5) Orcish Language: Fair (2) Pickpocketing: Terrible (-1) Riding: Pony: Fair (2) Staff: Good (3) Storytelling: Good (3) Survival: Good (3) Tracking: Good (3) Wildcraft: Great (4) Gifts (Two free gifts, four taken,balanced by faults) Absolute Direction; Animal Empathy; Lucky; Night Vision

Supernormal Powers (One taken, balanced by two faults) Magic Potential, one level Faults

Can only cast trivial spells; Curious; Glutton; Humanitarian (helps the needy for no pay); Self-defense Pacifist; Halfling (Scale -2, Racial Bonus to Health, counts as two faults)

Floranna, Elven Magician

GM limits: Two attributes (one free level); 50 free skill levels, with maximum of one Superb, three Greats; four free gifts; magic available.

Note: There are two separate Spell-casting skills, and the GM allows them to be raised above Fair at a rate of one gift per skill level. It costs four levels to get “Spell Casting on Others” at Fair, then six more levels to get it at Good, since one gift = 6 skill levels.

Attributes (One free level, one taken) Material: Mediocre (-1) Spiritual: Great (2) Skills (50 free levels, 32 taken,the rest traded for three gifts) Acrobatics/Athletics: Mediocre (1)

Animal Skills: Good (3) Camaraderie: Mediocre (1) Combat Skills: Poor (0) Courtly Ways: Poor (0) Cultural Knowledge: Good (3) Doctoring: Great (4) Manipulate People: Poor (0) Move Quietly/Gracefully: Fair (2) Scientific Knowledge: Mediocre (1) Spell Casting on Others (VH): Good (10) Spell Casting on Self (VH): Fair (4) Thievery: Terrible (-1) Woodland Ways/Nature Lore: Great (4) Gifts (Four free gifts, none taken) Supernormal Powers (Six taken, balanced by faults, reduced gifts, and reduced skill levels) Elf: extended lifespan, animals (not monsters) react well to her, Perception = +1 to Material attribute Magic Potential, White Magic, Five levels


Absent-Minded Heart of gold any halfway skillful liar can get sympathy & help

Idealist not grounded in reality Melancholy Zealous behavior tries to dissuade others from violence

Moose the Mage, Human Combat Magician

GM limits: Six attributes (three free levels); 30 free skill levels, with maximum of one Superb, three Greats; two free gifts; magic available.

Note: Moose’s Spell-casting skill costs double levels because of his low Intelligence attribute. It would also take double EP to raise.

Attributes (Three free levels, four levels taken, balanced by a fault) Charisma: Poor (-2) Dexterity: Great (2) Drive: Good (1) Health: Great (2) Intelligence: Mediocre (-1) Strength: Great (2) Skills (30 free levels, 36 taken,balanced by a fault) Armory: Good (3) Brawling: Great (4)

Breaking and Entering: Terrible (-1) Climbing: Fair (2) Crafts: Fair (2) Flirtatious Skills: Terrible (-1) Knowledge of Old Tales: Terrible (-1) Merchant: Mediocre (1) Riding: Good (3) Shield: Great (4) Singing: Terrible (-1) Spell-Casting (VH): Mediocre (6) Stealth: Good (3) Storytelling: Terrible (-1) Sword: Superb (5) Tactics: Good (3) Throwing: Great (4) Woodcraft: Mediocre (1) Gifts (Two free gifts, two taken) Combat Reflexes; Affluent Wealth (good equipment) Supernormal Powers (2 taken, balanced by faults) Magic Potential, Combat spells, two levels


Blunt and tactless doesn’t mince words; Fear of the Dark; Full of bluff and bluster and machismo to hide inadequacy feelings (he’ll never live up to the impossibly heroic image of his father); Quick-Tempered; No patience with fools or knaves; Spell-casting skill costs double due to low IQ; Vow: Destroy the brigand band that killed his father.

Tarag Half-Ogre

GM limits: Three attributes (three free levels); ten free skill levels, with maximum of one Superb, two Greats; three free gifts; magic available. Half-Ogre is Scale 3.

Attributes (Three free levels, two taken,one traded for three skill levels) Body: Good Scale 3 (1) Mind: Mediocre (0) [Half-Ogre Fair]

Psyche: Good (1) Skills (Ten free levels, 13 taken, balanced by low attributes)

Animal Skills: Fair (2) Artistic Skills: Terrible (-1) Balance Skills: Good (3) Medical Skills: Terrible (-1) Melee Weapons: Superb (5) Merchant Skills: Terrible (-1) Outdoor Skills: Good (3) Ranged Weapons: Good (3) Social Skills: Terrible (-1) Technical Skills: Terrible (-1) Thief Skills: Terrible (-1) Unarmed Combat: Good (3)

Gifts (Three free gifts, three taken) Quick)

Reflexes; Peripheral Vision no penalty facing two foes at once; Tough Hide (-1 to damage) Supernormal Powers (1.5 taken, balanced by faults) Half-Ogre (Body Scale 3, Mind at -1); Anti-Magic Aura spells cast on her are at -1 (counts as only 1 gift because it also interferes with beneficial spells)


Goes Berserk if Hurt liable to attack friends; Gullible; Poor (not much equipment)