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If the campaign allows superpowers similar to those found in comic books, there will probably be a wide variety of powers available. How many an individual character can have depends on the power level of the campaign. A common treatment of superheroes involves faults related to Powers, which makes more Powers available to the character. For example, a super hero is able to fly, but only while intangible. The accompanying fault lowers the cost of the Power to that of a gift.

There are far too many powers to list in Fudge browsing through a comic store’s wares will give you a good idea of what’s available. As with psionics, each power costs one of the free supernormal powers available, and some can be taken in different levels. Potent ones cost two or more of the “average” superpowers.

Super strength is treated as a separate scale see Non-humans. Other superpowers that come in levels are discussed in Cost of Scale.