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Supernormal Power Terms

Supernormal Power Terms

Supernormal power: that which is beyond the capability of human beings as we know them. Supernormal powers are treated as powerful gifts. Some may have associated skills (which are taken separately, using the normal skill rules).

Power: a supernormal power.

Mana: magical energy. Mana is an invisible substance that magicians can detect (or even create) and manipulate to alter matter, time and space.

Magic: the art of influencing events through manipulation of mana, or through compelling beings from another dimension, or channeling power from some other source. Magic may be studied by humans, but it is inherent in some races, such as natives of Faerie.

Miracle: magic performed by a deity. Miracles are often subtle. Holy persons can attempt to work miracles by invoking their deity. Some religions call any non- or semi-material being greater than human a deity. Others believe there is only one Deity, and that these other beings are simply angels, demons, djinni, efriti, etc. In the former belief, magical results wrought by these superhuman beings are miracles; in the latter belief, they are not miracles, but merely a display of more psychic power than humans are capable of.

Psi: any power that involves mind over matter, time or space.

Superpower: any supernormal power that is an inherent ability, whether because of mutation, exposure to radiation, a gift of space aliens, etc., or granted by a device, such as an alien-science belt. Examples of superpowers can be found in many comic books, and include super strength, the ability to fly, see through walls, cling to ceilings, become invisible, etc.

Cybernetic Enhancement: any mechanical or electronic enhancement to a normal body that gives the character supernormal powers.

Non-human Races: certain fantasy and science fiction races (actually species) have abilities beyond the human norm, such as being much stronger, or able to fly, etc. Most of these abilities could also be classified as Psi or Superpowers, so they are not treated separately, except for Mass and Strength. Androids and robots are considered races for rules purposes.

Scale: characters may have certain attributes that are well beyond the human norm, one way or the other, but that need to be related to the human norm. Prime examples include Strength, Mass, and Speed. Such attributes are rated in Scale. Human Scale is 0. A race (or individual) of greater than human average strength, for example, would be Scale 1 Strength or more, while a race of lesser average strength than humans would be Scale -1 Strength or less. Individuals can then be of Fair strength, or Good strength, etc., relative to those of their own Scale.

Genetic Enhancement: a genetic enhancement may or may not give a character supernormal powers. If it does, then it must be treated like any other supernormal power listed above.