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Again, it is probably easiest for the GM to translate whatever psionics rules she knows to Fudge. As a simple system, each psionic ability can be a separate supernormal power. The ability to read minds, or foresee the future, or telekinetically move an object, etc., each cost one supernormal power (two gifts). Just how powerful the psionic ability is depends on the level of psi the GM wants for the game world. Someone who can telekinetically lift a battleship is obviously more powerful than someone who can’t lift anything heavier than a roulette ball though the latter may make more money with his power, if he’s highly skilled!

If the game world has more than one level of power available, then a character must spend multiple free power levels to get the higher levels. See also Cost of Scale.

In general, higher levels of Psi Powers equal greater range, or the ability to affect larger or more subjects at once, or access to a greater number of related skills (a low Telepathy Power lets you send your thoughts to another, for example, but greater Power lets you read minds, send painful waves of energy, sense emotions, and possibly even control others). A higher level might also let you use less fatigue or have a lower risk of burnout, take less time in concentration to use, or allow more uses per day, or be used in a broader range of conditions (a low ESP Power can only be accessed in a darkened room, for example, while a high Power level can be used at any time), and so on.

The GM may also require skills to use these powers. Having the psionic ability to use telekinesis just allows you to pick an object up with your mental powers, and move it crudely about. Fine manipulation, such as picking a pocket, requires a successful roll against a telekinetic skill.

A sample psi system, Fudge Psi, is included in Chapter 7, The Addenda.

Editor’s Note: See also Psi-punk: Psionics and Magic.