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Legendary Heroes

Some genres allow human characters to develop beyond the realm of the humanly possible. Such campaigns eventually involve planes of existence beyond the mundane as the PCs require greater and greater challenges.

This style of gaming can be represented in Fudge by Legendary Levels. Fudge Trait Levels introduced the concept of Legendary traits as a goal for PCs to work toward. This section expands that concept infinitely.

If the GM and players prefer this type of gaming, any skill can be raised beyond Legendary. Instead of renaming each level, simply use a numbering system:

Legendary 2nd Level Swordsman, Legendary 3rd Level Archer, etc. Attributes can also be raised, but (except for Strength) this is much rarer.

Each level of Legendary gives a +1 bonus to any action resolution. The character Hugh Quickfinger, for example, has a Longbow skill of Legendary 2nd Level. This gives him a total bonus of +5 (+3 for Superb, and +2 for two levels of Legendary). In any contest against a Fair Longbowman (+0), Hugh should easily triumph.

The Objective Character Development system lists suggested experience point costs for attaining these levels.

These levels do not automatically exist in any given game: these are strictly optional levels for specific, nonrealistic genres.