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Any relative degree of +1 can do at most a GM-set Wound level (plus any Scale difference). It may do no damage at all, depending on the opponent’s defensive factors: a fist hitting plate mail won’t hurt the armored knight in the slightest unless it’s a giant’s fist.

Sample graze severity table:

Damage Factor Result

<0 Undamaged 0{4 Scratch

5+ Hurt

A GM may or may not allow a damage die roll on a graze, even if using the die rolls for other hits. If allowed, a damage roll shouldn’t change the result of a graze by more than one level.

Scale difference is a little trickier to figure, but it should be minimized for such a narrow victory: a giant’s club could give a human a glancing blow that might inflict a Very Hurt result, but not necessarily Incapacitate.

On the other hand, a tiger biting a mouse with a relative degree of +1 grazes the mouse as a cow grazes grass. . . .