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Combat Terms

Melee: any combat that involves striking the opponent with a fist or hand-held weapon. Any attack from further away is a Ranged attack.

Story Element: a distinct segment of the storyline in the game. In combat, the interval between story elements can be a practical place for a die roll.

Combat Round: an indeterminate length of time set by the GM around three seconds seems reasonable to some people, while that seems grossly short or absurdly long to others. A given GM’s combat round may vary in length, depending on the situation.

Generally, when each character involved has made an action, a given round is over.

Offensive damage factors: those which contribute to damaging an opponent: Strength (if using a Strength-driven weapon), Scale, and deadliness of weapon.

Defensive damage factors: those which contribute to reducing the severity of a received blow: Scale, armor, and possibly Damage Capacity.

Total damage factor (or simply damage factor): the attacker’s offensive damage factor minus the defender’s defensive damage factor.