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Combat Example

This example uses the numerical offensive and defensive factors in Section Sample Wound Factors List. It also uses a damage die roll: the 4dF option, with the three limitations listed.

The two opponents are Medieval warriors, Snorri and Brynhild. The fight takes place in a barroom, which quickly empties of other occupants once weapons are drawn. No one noticed that the innkeeper’s son had actually left much earlier than this, when the belligerent Snorri was merely exchanging insults with the proud Brynhild. Both fighters are human (Scale 0), so Scale is left out of the discussion.


Sword skill: Great

No shield Strength: Good (+1) Weapon: Magic Sword (+2 for size, +1 for Sharp, +1 for Magic = +4) Offensive damage factor: +5 Damage Capacity: Good (+1) Armor: Heavy Leather (+2) Defensive damage factor: +3


Axe skill: Good

Shield: Medium (-1 to foe’s weapon skill) Strength: Great (+2) Weapon: Axe (+2 for size, +1 for Sharpness = +3) Offensive damage factor: (+5) Damage Capacity: Fair (+0) Armor: Heavy Leather (+2) Defensive damage factor: (+2) Snorri’s damage factor vs. Brynhild: 5-2 = +3

Brynhild’s damage factor vs. Snorri: 5-3 = +2

Snorri’s skill is reduced to Good for this combat by Brynhild’s shield, see Melee Modifiers.

In the first round, Snorri gets a Great result on his weapon skill (die roll = +1), and Brynhild gets a Fair result (die roll = -1). Snorri wins with a relative degree of +2. Snorri’s damage factor of +3 is added in, bringing the damage to +5. Looking at the character sheet, a +5 result equals a Very Hurt wound before rolling for damage.

The GM is requiring damage rolls, so Snorri’s player rolls the dice: a -2 result, too bad. This brings the damage down to 3. Since Brynhild is an NPC, the GM looks at the wound chart on her character sheet, and finds 3: a Hurt Wound. The GM marks off the box under the word “Hurt,” and the next round is fought. Brynhild is now at -1 for the rest of the combat.

In the second round, both combatants get Good results a standoff. The GM describes it as a give-and-take of blows that are all parried or blocked as the fighters circle each other. Another five seconds have passed this round, the GM decrees.

In the third round, Snorri gets a Great result and Brynhild only a Good result Snorri has hit again. Since the relative degree is +1, this is a graze. The GM does allow a damage die roll on a graze, but won’t let it change the result by more than one level. Snorri’s damage factor of +3 normally means a Scratch on a graze.

Snorri rolls a 0 for damage, so the GM marks off a Scratch box on Brynhild’s character sheet.

In the fourth round, Snorri decides to finish off the Hurt Brynhild in one blow: he all-out attacks, which gives him a +1 modifier to his skill, and a +1 to damage if he wins. Brynhild had decided to try for a situational advantage, though: she’s spending this round in all-out defense, hoping to spot some way to get an advantage over Snorri for the fifth round. Brynhild gets a +2 modifier to her skill this turn, but can’t hurt Snorri if she wins. Snorri gets a Great result, even counting his +1 for all-out attacking, and Brynhild also gets a Great result.

Snorri would ordinarily have lost the combat round (all-out attackers lose tie results), but Brynhild’s all-out defense means she doesn’t aim any blows at Snorri, just beats his attack down.

The GM requires a Good Perception roll from Brynhild in order to spot a situational advantage. Her Perception attribute is Great, so she easily makes it. She notices a drink on the floor, spilled earlier by a customer in full flight. Since she successfully defended that round, the GM rules she maneuvers Snorri into the slippery puddle for one round.

In the fifth round, the GM gives Snorri a -1 to skill this round (down to Fair) for bad footing. Snorri tries an ordinary attack, and Brynhild, wounded, desperate, and sensing this may be her only chance, now tries an all-out attack: +1 modifier to her skill, bringing her up to an effective skill of Good from her wounded Fair state. Brynhild rolls a Great result, and Snorri only gets a Good result: Brynhild wins this round by +1.

Since she was doing an all-out attack, she gets a bonus of +1 to damage. This does affect a graze, so her normal Scratch result (for a graze) is increased to Hurt. She rolls a 0 on the damage roll, so Snorri is now Hurt: -1 until healed.

The combat is interrupted at this point by the town guards, who had been alerted by the innkeeper’s son.

Snorri and Brynhild are hauled off to separate cells, probably only too glad to get out of what had become a potentially deadly duel. . . .