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Objective Character Development

Objective Character Development

In the Objective Character Development system, the GM can award experience points (EP), which the player can trade in any way he wants at the following rates:

Raising a skill

From: To: Costs:

Terrible Poor 1 EP

Poor Mediocre 1 EP

Mediocre Fair 1 EP

Fair Good 2 EP

Good Great 4 EP

Great Superb 8 EP

Superb Legendary 16 EP

+ GM permission

Legendary Legendary 2nd 30 EP

+ GM permission

Each additional level 50 EP of Legendary + GM permission

Raising an attribute:

Triple the cost for skills of the same level.

Adding a gift:

6 EP (or more) + GM approval.

Adding a supernormal power:

12 EP (or more) + GM approval.


A trait can only be raised one level at a time.

The GM may adjust these point levels as she sees fit and should require that the player may only raise traits that were used significantly during an adventure. If a long campaign is planned, these EP costs could be doubled to allow room for character growth.

Defining skills narrowly will also ensure characters don’t become too powerful too quickly.

As a guideline, good role-playing should be rewarded with 1 to 3 EP per gaming session, with a suggested upper limit of 4 EP for flawless role-playing. Players may save EP as long as they wish.

Attribute levels may or may not affect EPs put into skills. For simplicity, you can ignore attribute levels entirely when raising skill levels. For greater realism, however, the GM can add a surcharge of +2 EP (or more) when a skill is raised above an appropriate attribute.

Example: Violet the Herbalist has Good Intelligence.

EP costs for raising Herb Lore skill are normal until she tries to raise it to Great, which is higher than her natural Intelligence. At that point, she must pay +2 EP beyond what the table calls for: 6 EP to raise Herb Lore to Great, and another 10 EP to raise it to Superb.

This proposal is recommended only for character development not for character creation. The GM should inform the players at character creation if this option is in force so they can plan their characters’ attributes accordingly.