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Random Character Creation

Some players like to roll their attributes randomly. Here is one possible method to use in such cases. Alternate techniques can be easily designed.

Have the player roll 2d6 for each attribute. Use the following table to find the attribute level:

2 = Terrible

4 = Poor

3,5 = Mediocre

6-8 = Fair

9,11 = Good

10 = Great

12 = Superb

The GM needs to decide if the player still gets the standard number of free levels or not. She may also restrict trading levels.

For skills, the results are read as:

2-5,12 = Terrible 6-8 = Poor 9-10 = Mediocre 11 = Fair The player still gets the standard number of free skill levels, or the GM may allow only half the normal levels.

The GM can let the players choose their gifts and faults, or she may wish to make up separate tables of gifts and faults, and have the players roll once or twice on each. (Conflicting traits should be rerolled.)

For example:

Roll Gift Fault
2 Nice Appearance Poor Appearance
3 Tough Hide Bruises Easily
4 Charismatic Aura of Untrustworthiness
5 Keen Hearing Hard of Hearing
6 Detects Lies Easily Gullible
7 Melodious Voice Stammers
8 ? ?

And so on. The GM should customize and complete to her taste. Of course, she could set up a 3d6 table instead of a 2d6 table, or even use a 1d6 table listing general gift or fault areas (Social, Physical, Emotional, Mental, Wealth/Status, etc.) and then roll again on an appropriate second table. This would allow 36 equally likely choices.

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