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Minimizing Abuse

Obviously, character creation in Fudge can be abused.

There are many ways to avoid this:

  1. The GM can require that the character take another fault or two to balance the power. (“Okay, I’ll allow you to have all that? but you need a challenge. Take on another weakness: maybe some secret vice, or be unable to tell a believable lie, or anything that fits the character concept that I can use to test you now and then.”)
  2. She can simply veto any trait (or raised/lowered combination) she feels is abusive. (“I see you raised Battle-Axe in exchange for lowering Needlepoint. Hmmm.”) This allows the GM to customize the power level of a game. For high-powered games, allow most anything; for less cinematic campaigns, make them trade equally useful trait for trait.
  3. She can simply note the character weaknesses and introduce a situation into every adventure where at least one of them is significant to the mission. (“You’ll be sent as an emissary to the Wanduzi tribe they value fine Needlepoint work above all other skills, by the way. . . “)
  4. She can use the “disturbance in the force” technique of making sure that more powerful characters attract more serious problems. (“The bruiser enters the bar with a maniacal look in his eye. He scans the room for a few seconds, then begins to stare intently at you.”)
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