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Fudge Trait Levels

Fudge uses ordinary words to describe various traits of a character. The following terms of a seven-level sequence are suggested (from best to worst):

  • Superb
  • Great
  • Good
  • Fair
  • Mediocre
  • Poor
  • Terrible

These levels should be written on each character sheet for easy reference.

A GM may alter this list in any way she desires, including expanding or shrinking it. For example, if Superb doesn’t sound right to you, use Awesome or even Way Cool. If the words Mediocre and Fair don’t make sense to you, change them. These seven terms will be used in the rules, however, for clarity.

To remember the order, compare adjacent words. If, as a beginner, your eventual goal is to become an excellent game player, for example, ask yourself if you’d rather be called a Fair game player or a Mediocre game player.

There is an additional level that can be used in Fudge, but is not listed above: Legendary, which is beyond Superb.

Those with Legendary Strength, for example, are in the 99.9th percentile, and their names can be found in any book of world records.

Important Note: not every GM will allow PCs to become Legendary. Even in games that do include the Legendary level, it is not recommended that any character be allowed to start the game as Legendary. Superb represents the 98th to 99.9th percentile of any given trait, which should be enough for any beginning PC. Of course, if a player character gets a bit overconfident, meeting an NPC Legendary swordswoman can be a grounding experience.

If someone really has to begin play as a Legendary swordsman, strong man, etc., doing the GM’s laundry for half a year or so (in advance) should be a sufficient bribe to be allowed to start at that level. Of course, working towards Legendary makes a great campaign goal, and so PCs may rise to that height, given enough playing time and a generous GM.

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