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Character Creation Terms

Trait: anything that describes a character. A trait can be an attribute, skill, inherited gift, fault, supernormal power, or any other feature that describes a character. The GM is the ultimate authority on what is an attribute and what is a skill, gift, etc.

Level: most traits are described by one of seven adjectives.

These seven descriptive words represent levels a trait may be at. In addition, the Objective Character Creation method grants the player free levels, and demands he keep track of them. In this case, one level is required to raise a trait to the next better adjective.

Attribute: any trait that everyone in the game world has, in some degree or other. See Attributes for a sample list of attributes. On a scale of Terrible. . . Fair. . . Superb, the average human will have an attribute at Fair.

Skill: any trait that isn’t an attribute, but can be improved through practice. The default for an unlisted skill is usually Poor, though that can vary up or down a little.

Gift: any trait that isn’t an attribute or skill, but is something positive for the character. Some GMs will define a certain trait as a gift, while others will define the same trait as an attribute. In general, if the trait doesn’t easily fit the Terrible. . . Fair. . . Superb scale, it’s probably a gift.

Fault: any trait that limits a character’s actions, or earns him a bad reaction from other people.

Supernormal Power: although technically gifts, supernormal powers are treated separately in. See Supernormal Powers.