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Action Modifiers

There may be modifiers for any given action, which can affect the odds referred to in the preceding section. Modifiers temporarily improve or reduce a character’s traits.

Examples: Joe, Good with a sword, is Hurt (-1 to all actions). He is thus only Fair with his sword until he’s healed. Jill has Mediocre Lockpicking skills, but an exceptionally fine set of lock picks gives her a Fair Lockpicking skill while she’s using them.

If a character has a secondary trait that could contribute significantly to a task, the GM may allow a +1 bonus if the trait is Good or better.

Example: Verne is at the library, researching an obscure South American Indian ritual.

He uses his Research skill of Good, but he also has a Good Anthropology skill. The GM decides this is significant enough to give Verne a Great Research skill for this occasion.

If his Anthropology skill were Superb, the GM could simply let Verne use that instead of Research: you don’t get to be Superb in Anthropology without having done a lot of research.

Other conditions may grant a +/-1 to any trait. In Fudge, +/-2 is a large modifier +/-3 is the maximum that should ever be granted except under extreme conditions.