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Non-Human Races

Non-Human Races

For each non-human race in the game world, create a “racial package” that includes such things as racial gifts, faults, any special powers (see Supernormal Powers) and modifiers, including Scale and Attribute and Skill modifiers.

Determine how many “Gifts” the racial package is worth, and require that many Gifts be spent (or attribute levels reduced, or extra Faults incurred). Some racial packages will balance out, not requiring the use of a Gift slot.

Some racial packages may actually qualify as Faults, allowing the character to compensate with higher Attributes or additional Gifts.

Some Skills, Gifts, Faults, Supernormal Powers, etc. may be unique to members of particular races.

Sample Racial Package: Elves

Attribute Modifiers: +1 Agility, +1 Perception.


Magical Talent: Innate Gifts, Eagle Eyes; Very Long Lifespan.


Elven Code of Honor; Honesty; Truthfulness.

Cost: 1 Gift.

Sample Racial Package: Halflings

Attribute Modifiers: Scale -2, Health +1.


Social Stigma in non-halfling lands. Cost: 2 Faults.