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Spell Lists

Spell Lists

It’s a good idea to take some time before play to work out some “standard” spells a scholarly mage is likely to use. Ask the player what spells the character is likely to have sought out, and work out some sample Difficulty Levels, Mana costs, and required time and materials for those spells. Feel free to “steal” spells from other games to help build a spell list. Consider the spell’s desired affect rather than the actual game mechanics used in the game it was designed for, and base the difficulty and power levels on that.

Spell descriptions should be considered guidelines rather than strict definitions of spell effects and costs. Magical feats and their results are meant to be improvised by the Gamemaster as well as by the character.

Sample Spells


Skill: Transmutation.

Feat: Temporarily shapechanges caster into a wolf.

Difficulty Level: Good.

Power Points: 2.

Time: 20 minutes.

Materials: Ritually prepared wolfskin (may be reused).

“Targeted Fireball.”

Skills: Conjuration, Elementalism, Kineticism.

Feat: Fireball moves to target and explodes.

Difficulty Level: Fair.

Power Points: 1 (more for larger fireball).

Time: 1 combat round.

Materials: Red garnet (destroyed).