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Mana (Power Points)

Casting scholarly magic requires mana, or power points.

Truly trivial magic (with effects similar to those attainable with Hedge Magic) uses negligible amounts of mana, but most scholarly magic requires one or more power points.

Each level of the Magical Talent: Scholarly Gift grants the character 5 power points to use in performing magic.

The number of Gifts used to purchase Magical Talent also affects how much mana the character can channel and control. One Magical Talent Gift allows the character to perform trivial magic, and magical feats costing 1 power point. Two Magical Talent Gifts increase that to 2 power points, and so on.

Attempting to channel more power than the character can normally handle requires a Willpower roll, Difficulty Level equal to Fair plus 1 per power point over the character’s usual limit. Thus, a character with 2 Magical Talent Gifts attempting to channel 4 power points to perform a magical feat must roll Willpower against a Difficulty Level of Great (Fair +2). Failure results in the loss of one level of Health by each level the Difficulty Level is missed. (A Mediocre result with a Great Difficulty Level would result in the loss of 3 Health levels; see Fatigue, below.)

Power points may be regained at the rate of 1 point per 2 hours of sleep or 1 hour of undisturbed meditation, up to the number allowed by the magician’s Magical Talent Gifts.