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Innate Magic

About Innate Magic

This type of magic may be appropriate for Faerie races, who have an inborn talent for magic that has nothing to do with the learned magic of human magicians. It’s also possible to have a human character with Innate Magic, if the GM permits.

Each Innate Magical power requires the Gift, Magical Talent: Innate. Each such Gift provides only one type of Innate Magic, taken from the list below. The GM may ban some of these talents, or create others (ask).

Note that some types of Innate Magic have been listed as separate Gifts, such as Danger Sense, Empathy with Animals, etc.

Innate Magic Powers

Dowsing: you can find water in the earth.

Eagle Eyes: you can see things clearly at a great distance.

Fire-Starter: you can create fire, though not control it. That is, you can cause something flammable to burst into flames (takes three combat rounds for small items), but can’t make fireballs or direct the fire to spread in a given direction.

Fortune Telling: you can see a possible future, as through a glass, darkly. This only works on others, and never on events which are important to you your own future is always obscured.

Green Thumb: plants respond extraordinarily well to you, with increased growth, health, and production.

Healing Hands: you can heal one level of wounds with a touch. This takes one minute and is fatiguing (see Hedge Magic for fatigue effects).

Second Sight: you can see through illusions and “read” general personalities. You can’t read minds or know any details of personality, but you’ll know who to trust if you concentrate.

Shapeshifter: you can change into one GM-approved animal or plant form. It takes three combat rounds to change fully, during which you are defenseless.

[Costs two Gifts]

Acquiring Innate Magic

You don’t need to spend any points on skills to have Innate Magic you only have to buy the Gift. No skill roll is usually required the talent is automatic, although it may take time. Should it ever be an issue, each talent is known at a Great level.

You may add to this list any innate magic abilities for non-human races in your campaign world.