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Calling on Divine Favor

When a cleric with Divine Favor calls on his deity, make an Unopposed action roll against the specific Clerical Magic skill (see Action Resolution). On a Good or better result, the cleric’s petition for divine favor is answered. For clerical skills where exact results aren’t quantified (such as Healing), the better the rolled result, the better the answer to the prayer. For example, a Good result may reduce one wound by one wound level, while a Superb result could heal an injured character entirely.

On a Fair or Mediocre result, the favor simply isn’t granted. On a Poor or worse result, the deity may be angry with the cleric. The GM should consider the character’s recent actions, especially in regard to the cleric’s religious beliefs. If there are any reasons for the cleric’s deity to be less than satisfied with service rendered, this is the time for that to become abundantly clear. If the cleric’s behavior has been exemplary (so far as the deity is concerned), a failure simply means the deity was busy with other things, or considered the favor unimportant (or counter to its own desires) for some reason.

Modifiers: The GM can apply any modifiers she thinks applicable.¬†They may¬†include +1 or more if the cleric has recently been furthering the deity’s cause, or -1 if the most recent petition for Divine Favor ended in a Poor or worse result.