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Magic in Fantasy Fudge

There are four types of Magical Abilities in Fantasy Fudge. The GM may use them all, choose between them, or create her own. The Magical Abilities are:

  • Innate Magic
  • Hedge Magic
  • Scholarly Magic
  • Clerical Magic

Innate Magic takes no study it’s a Gift you’re born with. The Gamemaster may assign this as a racial gift to non-human races (such as Elves) if she wishes. All members of such a race would have the Magical Talent: Innate Gift (or a serious Fault if they don’t).

Hedge Magic and Scholarly Magic are learned techniques.

Their Talents are handled differently and are not interchangeable. Not everyone has the ability to perform these types of magic you need the Magical Talent Gift.

Clerical Magic is actually performed by a deity through the character. You need the Divine Favor Gift to use Clerical Magic.