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Equipping Characters

Equipping Characters

The Gamemaster may wish to define a “starting equipment” package that all characters will have (unless they took the Poor Fault or Wealthy Gift). This may include such things as clothing (perhaps one good set and an everyday set), footgear, and weapons appropriate to their Combat skills. They may also have travel or camping gear (such as wineskins or canteens, a messkit, a tinderbox, and other items common in the campaign world).

Players should be allowed to customize their characters’ equipment list a bit, adding things that make sense given their skills. Characters with Climbing skill may have rope, a grappling hook, iron spikes, or similar equipment that can aid in climbing.

Characters should also be allowed to purchase equipment spending their hard-earned wealth for the privilege, of course. The GM may want to prepare an “equipment list” with average prices for common items available in the campaign world. Appropriate equipment lists may also be borrowed or adapted from other roleplaying games.

Damage Factors and Equipment

For weapons, armor, and other equipment likely to be used in combat situations, the player or GM should determine Offensive and Defensive Damage Factors (see Combat).

Damage Factors are simply the sum of damage-related modifiers for each weapon or armor type. These factors will be used to determine damage points and wound levels in combat (see Wounds).

Use these to determine the “Offensive Damage Factor” for each character/weapon combination.

For example, a character with Good Strength wielding a longsword would have an Offensive Damage Factor of +4 (+1 for Strength; +2 for a large one-handed weapon; +1 for sharpness). A character with Fair Strength wielding the same weapon would have an ODF of +3 (no Strength bonus). Remember to include any bonuses or penalties due to Scale when dealing with non-human combatants.

Then determine the character’s “Defensive Damage Factor” for both “unarmored” and “armored” (if the character possesses armor). Modifiers range from +0 for no armor to +4 or more for heavy or magical armor. Scale and Gifts such as Tough Hide can also affect a character’s Defensive Damage Factor.