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Gifts in Fantasy Fudge

Each character may have two Gifts from the following list, or other GM-approved Gift. In addition, for each Fault chosen beyond the first two, the character may have an additional Gift. The GM may limit the number Gifts available from this method, as things can get a little out of hand. . . . You may also gain a Gift, with GM approval, by foregoing one of your free attribute levels.

Certain Gifts, marked with an asterisk (*), may be lost if abused. Contacts, Favors Due, and Patron depend on the goodwill of others, and it’s possible to push them too far or too frequently. Good Reputation can be eroded by inappropriate behavior, and Rank can be lost if you break the rules of the organization granting the rank.

Ambidexterity: you can use either hand equally well. Great for those times when you’re wounded in an arm. . . .

Attractive: you’re good looking either handsome, beautiful, pretty, or whatever you wish. (Warning: the more attractive you are, the more power you have over susceptible people, true, but the more likely you are to be abducted, etc.)

Beautiful speaking voice: +1 to NPC reactions. Also works for a singing voice if you take a Musical skill.

Charisma: people tend to like you, believe you, and are willing to follow your lead.

Common Sense: when you are about to do something incredibly stupid that will harm yourself or the party, the GM will warn you.

Contacts*: you know some influential or knowledgeable people who can supply you with information.

Danger Sense: the GM will make a Situational roll on a Good or better result, you’ll be warned of some imminent danger.

Divine Favor: the ability to cast Clerical Magic see Clerical Magic, below.

Empathy with Animals: animals trust you and domesticated ones tend to obey you. Cruelty to animals nullifies this Gift.

Empathy with Sentient Beings: see Innate Magical Ability: Second Sight, below.

Familiar: only available to characters with the Magical Talent Gift. You have a magical familiar, which may talk, aid you in spell-casting and other tasks. This is an NPC played by the GM.

Favors due *: some people owe you favors, which you may collect. Each favor you collect must be approved by the GM.

Focused: you are at +1 to any lengthy task, but don’t notice things outside this task, such as that brigand about to skewer you. . . .

Good Memory: you have an unusually good memory. The player may take notes during the game and act as if the character remembered them.

Good Reputation*: you’re well known as a hero, healer, leader, fighter for justice, etc.

High Status: you are of the gentry or religious class or nobility if you take this Gift twice.

Intuition: you have a feeling about what option to take when confronted with a choice. The GM will make a Situational roll in secret.

Lucky: once per hour (real time), you may reroll a bad dice roll, and choose the better of the two rolls.

Magic Resistance: you are resistant to direct magic: +3 to Willpower in any Opposed rolls versus magic.

Magical Talent (specify type): the ability to perform magical feats. There are three different types of Magical Talent: Innate Magic, Hedge Magic, and Scholarly Magic. You may take multiple levels of the same type of Magic Talent. See Magic, below, for details.

Never forgets a : fill in the blank with name, face, or whatever the GM will allow.

Never Gets Lost: you always know which way is North, and can retrace your route with a little effort.

Night Vision: you see well in dim light, but not in absolute darkness, of course.

Pain Tolerance: ignore wound penalties at Hurt, and you are only at -1 at Very Hurt.

Patron *: someone in power likes you. This can be simply a letter of recommendation, or it can be a favor granted.

Perfect Timing: if someone says to open the gate in five minutes, you’ll do it within two seconds of that time. Also valuable in performing.

Peripheral Vision: you can see further to the sides than most people less easily attacked from the side or rear.

Quick Reflexes: not easily surprised by any physical attack, and you adjust quickly to shifting footing.

Rank *: you have the right to command others in an organized body of soldiers or police.

Rapid Healing: you heal twice as fast from wounds but not magically fast.

Resistant to Poison: poison has only half effect on you.

Tough Hide: subtract 1 from each amount of damage you take.

Veteran: you’re experienced add one level to each of three skills that are currently at Fair or Mediocre.

Wealthy: you start with more money than the average starting character. This can be in cash and/or equipment.