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Character Creation

Fantasy Fudge uses the standard seven-level Trait scale to describe a character’s attributes and skills (see Fudge in a Nutshell). To create a character, follow these steps:

  1. Decide what type of character you would like to create. If you’re not sure, see the Broad Class Templates of the core Fudge rules for some ideas. See also Character Creation Tips.
  2. Spend “points” to purchase skills from two or more Skill Groups. See Skill Descriptions and Character Points.
  3. Assign Attributes (see Attributes).
  4. Choose Gifts (two, unless trading; see Gifts).
  5. Choose Faults (two, unless trading; see Faults).
  6. Adjust attributes, gifts, faults, or skills by trading if desired.

You may use the sample Fudge character sheet in the Miscellaneous Charts and Information at the end of this document to record your character’s traits. With the Skills list, you should record the number of points you spend in which skill groups. For example:

Combat: 2 pts

Scouting: 2 pts

Athletic: 1 pt