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Situational Rolls

8.10 Situational Rolls

A Situational Roll is used to show luck, outside events, or the overall situation. It isn’t based on any character traits. Simply roll the dice. A Situational Roll of -2 gives a Poor result; the situation is not good.

The GM can use a Situational Roll to determine anything from the weather to a non-player character’s attitude.

A Situational Roll can also be used to check a creature’s “morale” during combat, especially when the creature is first wounded, and again if it becomes Very Hurt. A -1 or worse Situational Roll in the midst of combat may mean that the NPC will try to surrender or run away. You may add the NPC’s current modifiers due to wounds to the “morale” roll. A Hurt creature with a -1 Situational Roll would actually be experiencing a Poor reaction to the combat, and would probably be doing whatever it could to get out of the fight. .