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Fantasy Fudge

Five-point Fudge is an alternative character creation system by Steffan O’Sullivan. It’s used here as a basis for a sample Fudge fantasy role-playing game.

Five-point Fudge is suitable for any genre, but each genre requires customized skill lists, gifts, faults, and attributes. The version presented here is for a Fantasy genre only. These lists should not be considered as canon everything in Fudge is fully customizable, and these lists are offered only as an easy introduction to Fudge.

Fudge itself makes no mention of “character points,” using the word “levels” instead. The Five Point Fudge system of character creation introduces character creation points, which are different from levels.

Fantasy Fudge is an example of one way a Gamemaster may decide to customize Fudge to a fantasy campaign world. The game design choices made in Fantasy Fudge shouldn’t be considered the “best” way to play Fudge in a fantasy game, as players’ and GMs’ tastes vary.